Transforming Smiles: Comprehensive Dental Implant Treatments

Embarking on the journey to a radiant smile involves navigating through a spectrum of dental implant treatments, each tailored to restore confidence and functionality. Dr. Sanjoy Sahoo, a distinguished dental surgeon, offers a range of cutting-edge solutions for various dental needs.

Keyhole Implant:
A minimally invasive technique, keyhole implants involve precise placement through small incisions, ensuring quicker healing and reduced discomfort.

Single Tooth Implant:
Ideal for isolated tooth loss, this procedure involves replacing a single missing tooth with a prosthetic implant, seamlessly blending with natural teeth.

Multiple Teeth Implant:
When several teeth are missing, Dr. Sahoo employs multiple implants to restore functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a harmonious smile.

Full Mouth Reconstruction:
For extensive tooth loss, full mouth reconstruction utilizes a comprehensive approach, incorporating various implant techniques to rebuild an entire dental arch.

A revolutionary concept, All-on-4 provides a complete set of fixed teeth using only four strategically placed implants, offering a swift and cost-effective solution.

Combining implants with dentures, overdentures provide stability and retention, offering a secure fit while addressing partial or complete tooth loss.

Computer-guided Implant:
Precision is paramount with computer-guided implants, utilizing advanced technology for accurate implant placement, minimizing risks and enhancing outcomes.

Sinus Augmentation:
In cases where the sinus is too close to the upper jaw, sinus augmentation lifts the sinus floor, creating space for secure implant placement.

Dr. Sanjoy Sahoo’s commitment to excellence shines through in each of these dental implant treatments, ensuring patients receive personalized care, restoring not just their smiles but their confidence and quality of life.

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